For our inaugural topic I though we would look at the topic of branded email and why we at Big Grizzly think it is important. We have 6 reasons to look at for having branded (or domain tied) email for your company.

  1. First Impressions Matter!

A branded email shows the world your company is established and professional. A generic email will likely not project the image of experience you are looking for. Rather it will likely project to customers that you are new, small or not well established and lack the experience, capacity or ability they are looking for.


  1. Ability To Grow And Expand

Having vs sounds not only more professional but gives you the ability to grow, expand or be more specific to you customer needs. You can not only assign more professional emails to each of you staff (if you have any) such as but also create specific email accounts to meet customer needs; I.E. or  This can portray a real sense of professionalism to your customers.


  1. Build Credibility And Trust

Unfortunately, scam artists do exist, so many consumers won’t be comfortable emailing personal information to But when you have a branded email address, you’re providing a sense of security and reassurance to your customers that your business is legitimate. Customers, or potential customers, want to know you are the real deal. Nothing portrays this more than branded email.


  1. It is not complicated and does not cost much (if anything)

You can set up branded email with your domain name provider. Even better you can set up with a web hosting company that includes branded email in the cost of your hosting. In many cases they will manage and administer it for you. In this case, when you have specific emails (such as sales@ or billing@) you can get these forwarded to an email that you use so that you don’t need to monitor multiple email addresses.


  1. Sell Yourself!

A huge advantage to using branded email is every time you send out an email, you promote your own business, not Gmail or Hotmail. It also sells your website and may drive your customers there (if they don’t go there already). It is the easiest and most cost effective way to get your company name and website out there you can find.


  1. It gives you the ability to move.

This actually is a really important one. What if, as you grow, you find that Hotmail or gmail just don’t meet your company needs anymore. Now you need to develop a new email address to facilitate your move. With branded email, your email address follows you to wherever your website is hosted. This means that if you ever need to change hosts, you don’t have to worry about your email in that move.


So if you, like many other small businesses, think that branding was only meant for large enterprises with big advertising budgets, think again. You’re never too small to start building your brand, and you can get started today with branding your email.

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