Web Maintenance

Do you have an existing website that needs changes or maintenance? Don’t have time to keep up with updates to your website? Need general editing and maintenance on your website on a monthly basis? We provide website maintenance for ALL websites including those designed by Big Grizzly, other designers or someone else! We offer the following monthly website maintenance options based upon the competitive going rate for website maintenance.

Getting fresh content on your site keeps your customers coming back, improves your search engine rankings and keeps your site looking great. Having us take care of your site gives you time to do what you need - run your business!

Pay by the hour or look at our monthly packages and save money.


Monthly Plans

Bring cost certainty to you website with one of our monthly maintenance plans. Get fresh content on you site every month without breaking the bank. 


  • 1 hour per month (10% savings)
  • Ideal for small business sites that don’t require lots of updates.
  • Work performed within 3 business days


  • 4.5 hours per month (30% savings)
  • Ideal for a growing business that wants a site that grows with it
  • Work performed within 2 business days


  • 10 Hours per month (50% savings)
  • Ideal for large businesses or eCommerce sites that require steady maintenance
  • Work performed within 1-2 calendar days

Pre-Pay As You Go

  • Don’t want to commit to a monthly rate? We got you covered. We will perform your website maintenance on a straight hourly rate of $40/hour.
  • You buy a block of hours (however many you want), we track everything and send you monthly statements so you always know where you are at. Your hours will never expire and we bill you to the minute. 
  • Work performed within 3 business days

Payment Options:

We have many options available to you for signing up. If you wish to prepay by cheque, E-transfer or other means, simply fill in the prepayment form below and we will be in contact with you to arrange payment and activate your subscription.

If you wish to sign up for monthly payments by credit card click on the PayPal button below.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please visit our contact page and shoot us an email.

Thank you for choosing Big Grizzly for you website needs.

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The Fine Print

The monthly maintenance allotment expires at the end of each month, and does not roll over. Should your updates require more time than your monthly allotment, the time will be billed at $40/hour billed to the minute with a minimum charge of 15 minutes. There is an additional $10 per month fee for any blog associated with websites on a maintenance plan. All maintenance  plans must be paid annually in advance or require that your account be setup on automatic credit card billing for the monthly renewals. 

Pay as you go will never expire and will roll over until all pre-paid time is used. Pay as you go is invoiced to the minute with a monthly minimum of 15 minutes. We will track the time and provide monthly statements on what was used and what you have left. 

Invoices will always be due upon receipt. You will be required to prepay future orders when your account is not kept in good standing.