Cloud Based Phone Service

We can also provide you with cloud based hosted PBX telephony solutions to enable you to provide the professional service that your clients expect and deserve.  These cloud based systems enable you to have a fully or partially automated telephone system with automated telephone receptionist for a fraction of the cost of a standard PBX telephone exchange.  It allows you to have multiple lines without having to pay huge amounts in getting them installed.  All you need is an internet connection.




Offers a simplified platform that can operate voice, Internet and multimedia services. Let’s you run your business without worry.

Quality of Service

We set you up on a  privately owned and managed nation-wide IP network is built for secure voice delivery.

Reduced Costs

Convert CapEx into OpEx with our managed phone system. Since we take care of installation and maintenance you can save even more.

Seamless Multi-location Integration

As a cloud-based system, our Hosted PBX service integrates geographically distinct locations, home-offices and mobile devices as part of its core functionality.


Voice Prioritization

Our broadband network always puts voice first, ensuring that incoming and outgoing calls are always clear and reliable.


Total Fraud Protection

By analysing your voice traffic in real-time, on an ongoing basis we can notify you or take action immediately if any irregular or excessive calling patterns occur.