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Customize your web services to one low monthly price

Introducing our newest service offering

Web Development & Maintenance Bundles

Get your website developed and fully maintained with no up-front costs. Bundles are paid for on a monthly basis that give you all the features you need at an affordable rate.

(There is more information under the price tables on each of the features)

At Big Grizzly we are always looking for opportunities to serve you better through expanded products and services. Our newest way to do this is to offer you discounts for bundled services.

We now offer bundles for content updates, web maintenance and even web design. Contact us today for more information.

Domain tied or branded email is business email that is tied to your domain (I.E. yourname@yourdomain.com rather than yourname@hotmail.com). For more information on the benefits domain tied email please read our blog post on this here.
Monthly web maintenance is when we maintain your website for you. You simply tell us what fresh content you need on your site and where and we will take care of it for you. This is done on service agreement in either 1, 3, 4.5, or 10 hour blocks each month (though only 1 or 3 hour are currently available in our bundles). For more information on why fresh content is important for your site, read our blog post located here.
Web Health Check-ups are when we go into your site on a regular basis and take care of it for you. Health check-ups involve the following services performed on a regular basis:

  • Complete backup of your website and email databases with redundant copies stored on host server, cloud and offline
  • Full update of all software, themes, plugins and services that run your website
  • Check and repair for broken web links
  • Check page speed
  • Test fillable forms*
  • Verify and update all contact information
  • Analyze and report bandwidth and disk usage

For more information on why this is important and what is all included visit our blog post on this located here.

The Fine Print
  • Eligible services include: Web Hosting, Web Maintenance, Web Health Checks & Web Design (on select packages only)
  • Services may be paid for annually in advance through our standard payment means or monthly by credit card or pre-authorized debit.
  • Web development, as included in the bundle, is sold as a block of hours, exact web development times may vary - no refund or additional charges will occur in these instances.  
  • Branding and phone are not eligible, domain registration while included is not discounted in the bundle price.

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