You have a website and you are very happy with it.  Once it is all finished and launched – do you really need to back it up?

YES YES YES – and here is a few reasons why…


Servers fail

People often don’t consider the fact that just because your website is not on your computer – it is still on a computer. Most likely a server farm somewhere – but a computer nonetheless.  At the end of the day – computers can fail. Servers have drives and drives get old and fail. If you are unlucky enough to have your website housed on an aging server (and really how will you know?) it is at risk.  This recently happened to all of our clients. The server space we stored all of our clients sites on had a catastrophic drive failure and all of these websites crashed.  Fortunately we had off site backups and were able to restore them with little interruption.


Updates Go Wrong

Don’t assume that just because an update is available it will work 100%.  Websites have many components including the base CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc), plugins, user accounts and more. Just because a update is available or needed for one, does not mean that it will work seamlessly with the others.  Without a backup – doing an update can seriously mess up your site if not done properly.


Hackers are real

This does not always seem like a threat to small website owners, but nobody is immune to this. Viruses, trojan horses, and other malware can find their way into your website even via third parties that are normally safe. You can never be completely sure that your site is immune, but frequent and thorough backups definitely reduce the risk!


How to backup your site

Several options exist for you here.

  • Web Host
    • Many hosts offer backup options – take advantage of them.
  • Plugins
    •  Many Content Management Systems (CMS) have backup plugins that can do an adequate job.
  • Cloud backups
    • This can tie in with the previous options. Make sure that your site is not only backed up to the same server that houses it. If that server fails –everything is gone. Make sure that it is backup to a local machine or a cloud service (such as OneDrive or DropBox).


Whatever options you look at, the important thing to remember is this – backup often and backup properly.  Don’t assume your site is safe or immune from damage. Remember, you can never backup your site too thoroughly or too often.


Feel free to drop us a line if you have questions about getting your site backed up.

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