Adding fresh content on your website seems like an unnecessary burden of time and resources when you are trying to run a business. Really what is the benefit of adding fresh content on your site? This is one of the most misunderstood concept that many small business owners face. Yes it takes time and a little effort, but there are several reasons why having fresh content added to your site on regular basis is very important.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engines love new content. This does not mean you need to add lots of unnecessary content, but fresh relevant content is what you need to focus on. Google is king of all search engines. The search engine leader is always looking for fresh web pages that they can add to their index. Your site will have a greater a chance of increasing your Google ranking if it’s filled with useful and reliable information. Blogs are one really way to provide this information and to get noticed by users and search engines alike.

Customers Love Fresh Content  This is second on my list, but really is the most important reason. Your customers are the reason you have a website and they are who you need to keep in mind when you have it designed and updated. If the content you have (or add or change) on your site is of no purpose to them then there is really no point. Also if your content never changes your customers will get bored and stop coming back. You need to keep up to date and relevant content on your site that will engage them, answer questions or meet new needs and they will keep coming back. It is also good to high-lite your fresh content in other communications with your clients. Even if what you reference in a particular communication or social media post does not seem relevant at the time, it still tells your customers that fresh content, new answers or relevant product offerings can be found on your website.

It Sets You Apart From Your Competitors  Imagine there are two companies offering similar products or services. One keeps fresh and relevant information on their site all the time and the other never updates.  Eventually the one that never updates is going to begin to look old and outdated and the other will drive traffic and keep people coming back.

How To Do This  For a small website whose products or services change often this is easy. Keep your new products and services on your site. For corporate websites this can be a challenge as once the initial design in complete there may not be much to change. What to do in this case? Keep news updates on your sites, or even better - a corporate blog. Ask  said above, blogs are one really good way to keep fresh content on your site.

So How Often Should You Update? The most important thing is to do so as often as you can. Daily is not needed and really would be hard to keep up on. Weekly is ideal and I would say absolutely no less then monthly (though that is pushing it).

I don’t have time to (or the knowledge) to update my site.  In this case lots of web development companies offer maintenance options to do this for you. These are generally not expensive and are defiantly worth the investment. You can view our maintenance options here. This can be as easy as sending an email or filling in an online form with what you need on your site, where it needs to be posted and when you want it live.

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