We are so excited to introduce our newest service offering: Website Health Check-ups.  This service provides a means for you to get us to keep your Content Management System (CMS), themes, plugins and other software updated. it also gets your website and email databases all backed up (this is addition to weekly database updates automatically done on your website). We will also check links to make sure they are all still working, make sure fillable forms are working and we will double check your website page speed and a few other gems also.

So how important are these items.  Website Health and fresh content are the most important yet neglected things. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that once your site is launched and running that it takes care of itself. Nothing can be further from the truth. So what is the impact can these actually have on your site? Let’s take a look at some of these items and see.

CMS: Your Content Management System is quite simply - the software your website is built on. This would be your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal (just to name a few).  For a really good overview of why keeping your CMS up to date read this article by mediaheroesbrisbane.com, but for now let me just name a few reasons.  Updates may be to add enhanced features or new functionality or repair a bug. Perhaps the most important reason to embrace CMS updates is security. As older versions of a CMS become dated, they become more vulnerable to cyber threats or attacks.

Themes, Frameworks & Plugins: Depending on how your site is built, there is a good chance it is built on a specific Framework or theme and more likely then not - it contains plugins to give additional functionality.  These need to be kept up to date - for many of the same reasons as listed in for updating your CMS, but also, as your CMS updates these need to update ton continue to run smoothly.

Backups: While (if your website is hosted with us) you receive an automated backup every week, this backup is less then comprehensive. Most automated backups only backup your CMS database. This is very useful for occasions when you are adding content and it gets messed up or deleting content that you did not mean to get rid of.  But, you also need a full cPanel backup also. This more comprehensive backup will capture everything - sub-domains, email, email forwarders, databases… everything.  If do this backup and never need it then you have lost nothing, but the first time you find that you need it you will agree it is worth whatever your web host charges to provide this service.

Broken Links: While internal broken links are not that common - especially if you are using a CMS such as WordPress, external ones happen. Maybe because it was entered wrong, maybe the location it was pointed to has changed or disappeared. Whatever the reason - you do not wan broken links on your site. To quote Vertical MeasuresWhen visitors follow links to or from your site they are expecting certain content to be available to them once they get to that page. Broken links are not only bad for user experience but can also be harmful to your site’s loving relationship with Google, i.e. your SEO. Avoid linking out to broken content, and also avoid having pages on your site that are broken. Today is a day about love, so let’s keep the link juice flowing!” Enough said…

Fillable Forms: Fillable forms on a website are one of the greatest ways of improving user experience…. unless those forms are broken. There are lots of reasons that forms can break and who really has time to go through and test forms all the time. By including this in the Health Check-up we can help eliminate the worry.    Nothing is more frustrating to site visitors then to go through the time of completing a form only to find out it is broken and can’t submit.   Let’s keep the forms working smoothly and keep people coming back to your site.

Fresh Content: While not included in the Health Check-up, I just want to add a plug (and maybe preview for our next blog) for adding fresh content to your site. This is one of the most important aspects of owning a site, both to keep visitors coming back and to keep your SEO up to date.  But that is a blog for another day.

If you have not had a chance - check out our Health Check-up Packages today!

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