At Big Grizzly we always are trying to provide solutions that will meet the needs of our clients or potential clients. In that theme we are so happy to tell you about our newest product - Web Develop Bundles and Web Maintenance Bundles. In our experience there are two obstacles that stop small to medium size organizations from getting a website: 1) They are unable or unwilling to go through the initial financial commitment or 2) They don’t want or know how to maintain it’s content or software. These are things we have heard countless times and we have listened. Our answer - Web Development Bundles and Web Maintenance Bundles.

Web Development Bundles are an excellent way for any organization to get a professionally developed website with no up-front costs. With these packages we include everything that a small to medium sized business would need. This includes domain registration, website hosting, fully supported business email and all the ongoing updates, additions and maintenance required to keep the website running optimally. Of course they also include web development.

Web Maintenance Bundles are ongoing service bundles for websites that are already made. They include all the same things as the Web Development Bundles - but without the web development component. They provide organizations with all the ongoing services they need to keep fresh content on their sites and keep them updated and backed up.

So How Does It Work and what is the cost? Let’s start with cost (in the spirit of being transparent). The Small Web Development Bundle is only $120/mo for 24 months & the Large Web Development Bundle is only $195/month for 24 months. After 24 months you automatically switch to the corresponding Small or Big Web Maintenance Bundle and your monthly commitment drops to $51.70/mo or $93.70/mo respectively. As always with Big Grizzly, your initial consultation is absolutely free and without obligation. Once we meet with you, figure out what you need, work with you to fit you into the bundle that best will suit your needs, you sign an agreement for the services. You don’t start paying anything until we start building your site. Once it is built, tested and launched you let us know on a monthly basis what content you need added and where and we do the rest. You site will always have regular back-ups and be well maintained.

A Little more Q&A:

  1. Why do I need to sign an agreement? Please understand, in order to create bundles with no up-front costs, we are essentially financing your web design for you. While we are happy to do this, it does require a commitment. 
  2. How much web development time is included - and what does that get me? The small bundle has 80 hours and the large bundle has 120 hours.
    1. The small bundle will give us enough time to set up the back-end of your site, set up and configure your email accounts and build a basic site that would include a professional looking design, attractive home page, a section or page about you and your organization, a custom designed contact form, a list of your products and/or services. It will also give us the time we need to test everything and make sure it is working.
    2. The large bundle will give us enough time to all that and add a few more features that you might require. 
  3. What if my site takes more or less time than is in the bundle? We both assume a certain amount of risk here.
    1. Your risk is that if your site does not take all the hours included in the bundle (not as likely) you still pay for that, we have significantly discounted our rates for the bundles to get you the best deal possible. However that gives you some latitude to make get some changes down the road if you want. 
    2. Our risk is that if your site takes longer (more likely) we don’t charge for that. We want to do a good job for you and will not stop short or cut corners to stop from running overtime. This is why we will take care to get you in the correct bundle up front. 

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